We support our clients with apparel sourcing over 30 years

About Fleksib

Fleksib is an apparel sourcing company established to provide exclusivity in design and global sourcing in woven, jersey wear and knitwear for woman fashion brands.

Fleksib operates to provide its clients with design & sourcing solutions to meet their needs through fast lead-times, high quality, applicable MOQs and affordable prices.

From end-to-end apparel solutions, Fleksib sources for required fabric material and trims, executes the tech packs responsibly, competitive pricing and all the way to the production with Q&C and delivery.

Facilities Provided

Fleksib Factory
Fleksib Factory

Fleksib Factory


Fleksib Factory

Fleksib Core Team


Yunus Kaya

Graduated from City University of New York with BS Finance in 2014.

After his junior career for 5 years in Investment Banking, he started the Company in 2019 to serve global clients in fashion industry relying on the garments manufacturing know-how in his family and the country.

He is responsible for the sales and he is leading the operations in Fleksib Team.


Celal Kaya

Celal has over 30-years experience in garments manufacturing.

Prior to Fleksib, he has been in many different disciplines in garment manufacturing industry. He is experienced in the production processes from sampling to bulk production including the pattern making.

Celal is executing the production processes in Fleksib.


Aygul Salaah

Graduated from Istituto Marangoni Milano with Design and Merchandising in 2014.

Prior to Fleksib, she has worked with

Italian brands in Milan and Bologna, also she has merchandise products to Italy from India and Turkey.

She is now responsible in analyzing tech packs and launching new designs of Women`s Clothing.

Büşra Kaya

Graduated from City University of New York with BA Psychology in 2018.

After her graduation for college she has attended outsource courses to build her carreer in fashion.

She has started to her fashion carreer working with Fleksib since 2020.

She is responsible for fabric and trim sourcing along with the product plans to fulfill the client requirements efficiently.

Fleksib offers wide range of material options in sourcing with fast turnaround in the help of local supply chain in Turkey